Saturday Story Prompt Collections – Take 2

So after poking around with the idea of doing a Saturday Story Prompt collection I came to the realization that I can’t rationalize charging someone a dollar just to take 4-5 previous blog posts and bundle them together.

To counter that I’d planned on adding ‘new’ prompts to those collections– but it seemed sort of a waste to not be able to share them with the world (since that’s what the prompts were meant to do).

After mulling it over for a bit I think I’ve finally stumbled onto a solution!

I have no qualms about charging a dollar for bundling posts and letting readers get a sneak peek into the future.

Thus my plan:

Book 2011.01 = January 2011 posts + 3/5th of the prompts from the January 2013 posts, so there’s still something new in January in read.

Then in January 2014 you’ll be able to scoop up all of the January 2013 posts and 3/5th of the prompts from January 2015 (Book 2013.01).

The collection price would drop from $0.99 to $0.49 once all the posts were open to the public and I’d keep the income stream going by selling yearly prompt collections instead (at $2.99).

This gives me the added bonus of having the bulk of the SSP content written a couple of years in advance, plus the ability to go backwards and add in 2010 and 2009 collections at the lower price point. I’d have to backdate some SSP posts to fill in the blanks, but I don’t see much point in going more than two years into the future.

Da Plan

Assuming I release the collection a year after the posts were made (thus making it worth the cost of the historical bundling half of the equation), that means 2011.06 would be due on July 1st.

Since the 2010.07 collection would also be worth 0.99 until the first of August, I may as well throw that onto the pile as well. I figure I’ll go backwards from that one once I have all of the 2012 collections done. *revises June Camp NaNoWriMo plans somewhat*

Onwards! 😀

Martha Bechtel

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