Same Song, Second Verse (or: Recursive Nightmares)

Tao of the Fish
Tao of the Fish

There should be an accomplishment for speed clicking through the NPC conversations…

Normal difficulty is done and our three person team (Monk, Witch Doctor, and Barbarian) is now mowing its way through the next difficulty level of Diablo III.

Other than developing a burning hatred of Arcane elites, nothing much has changed in terms of playstyle or difficultly.

And to be honest, it’s getting a little boring.

Not the ‘playing with friends’ part, that part will always be fun—but the ‘kill everything that moves’ part.

Once I realized that I could buy gems on the auction house for a tiny fraction of what it costs to make them at the jeweler—and that I could buy gear for pennies on the dollar instead of using the blacksmith… I’ve stopped doing more than a cursory check of the drops.

I’m selling blues instead of dusting them because my failure rate on ‘useful gear from the blacksmith’ is almost 100%. Yellows are either stockpiled for alts or bound for the auction house and even the two legendaries that have dropped between the three of us were pretty uninteresting.

Made even less so by the fact that I could buy more useful versions on the auction house.

The whole point to Diablo was that the gear was/is the game to some extent—when you hit a big shiny chest the payoff is supposed to be an awesome upgrade, not just another handful of useless items.

So I don’t know, maybe once Nightmare is over I’m throwing in the towel and just focusing on ‘finishing’ the game with the alts I started.

Or maybe I’ll keep going just to see how bad Inferno really is. *pokes Monk*

But if MoP dropped tomorrow, I don’t know I’d have much more than a twinge of nostalgia for D2 before I swapped games again.

And I really do miss my wolves… *mourns D2 Druid*

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