Live From the Workbench

Note: The first thing you’ll notice about this post is the lack of photos. That should be remedied tonight, but as Murphy’s Law is running strong, I figured I’d better get it up and in place.

I haven’t done a proper LFtW post in while, so there are a lot of horses lurking in the wings that I might not have talked about before. I’ve been digging through my old bodies trying to pick out the ones that just needed a bit of touch-up and I’ve gone on a bit of a Mini Whinnie kick, since they are easy to work on while waiting for paint (and epoxy) to dry.

Horses on the Workbench

The show donation for Color Crazy Park Live has been prepped and the basecoat of mottled green. I’m planning on a leaf pattern based on the logo for the New York Park Service, so there’s a lot of multimedia in the little guy’s future! πŸ˜€

The custom order of a Saddlebred to Friesian is finally done with the resculpting. It’s taken forever, but it’s been a good learning curve for how the temperature/humidity affects the drying time (and how carefully I need to be about making sure it’s a 50/50 mix). If I can get pictures tonight, then I can get approval to start on the dapple gray… *crosses fingers*

On the workbench to finish once the custom order are done, I’ve got:

  • G2 Trotting Foal resculpted to a draft cross in black tobiano (old resculpt, updated with excess epoxy)
  • G3 Warmblood in metallic green-bay tobiano
  • G3 Belgian in dappled blue-chestnut with four white socks
  • G3 Andalusian in orange-bay frame overo
  • MW Standing Quarter Horse Stallion – Teal/Green Overo
  • MW Standing Quarter Horse Stallion – Yellow-chestnut going grey

Newly Finished Horses

These are guys I have finished that I haven’t gotten photos of yet… some are older customs that just needed eyes, some are completely new. Most of them are Minnie Whinnies for reasons noted above, so the Etsy store is going to look like the Lilliputians have invaded. πŸ˜‰

  • G3 Mustang – Watercolor horse
  • MW Walking Arabian Mare – Blue Metallic Doodlepony Appaloosa
  • MW Jog Trot Quarter Horse Mare – Sky Blue-bay Tobiano
  • MW Cantering Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding – Metallic Blue Minimal Sabino
  • G2 Shetland Pony – Orange-bay Doodlepony (Home Herd)
  • LB Saddlebred – Chestnut Tobiano

Same Song, Second Verse

Now that I have the new photo booth arrangement the following horses are going back under the lights to see if I can’t get better photos:

  • Poptop
  • Suicide Kings
  • Whole passel of Home Herd micro minis and Stablemates
  • Body Box (picture of all horses, so I know what I have)

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