Live From the Workbench

Once again, pictures are my one weakness when it comes to posting updates. You’d think I’d have the hang of this by now, but all I can see are the flaws in the pieces and I hate posting things with flaws that only take a few moments to fix.

Except for the fact that epoxy takes four hours to dry.

So, erm, yeah… You’ll have to use your imagination again this round. 😉

Horses on the Workbench

In order to focus on getting the custom orders done, all of the other in progress horses have been moved off the workbench. Thus we are left with:

Friesian/ASB Resculpt

This little gal has had her tail extended so it drapes on the ground and her left ear lengthened so that it’s in proportion to the right. I also went back in and fixed the left side of her face where I’d forgotten to remove the last of the ribbon (doh!). I worked on her front legs, bringing the crooked left leg back into alignment and making the hooves look less like she’s breaking her fetlocks.

The epoxy will be dry when I get home tonight, so come heck or high water there will be another post a bit later in the day.

Color Crazy Park Live Show Donation

This little guy it turning into a lot of fun! So far we’ve got acrylics, pastels, and colored pencils in the mix and his pattern is starting to take shape. He’s not taking very good photos right now, mostly because I can see things that need tweaking when he’s three times life-sized. :p

Now that the rain has stopped I’m going to try taking some photos out in the sun. *crosses fingers*

MH Copyright

Right now I’m just working on seam removal on this little guy, once he’s prepped to perfection then I’ll go back and start on the color—I have some great reference photos and I need to email them out tonight so that the new owner can pick her favorite! 🙂

Waiting on Photos

These little guys are done, but they are on a back burner while I’m trying to get the custom orders done. If all goes well I should have the photos done tonight, but you won’t see them popup on the blog for a little while longer.

  • G3 Mustang – Watercolor horse
  • MW Walking Arabian Mare – Blue Metallic Doodlepony Appaloosa
  • MW Cantering Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding – Metallic Blue Minimal Sabino
  • G2 Shetland Pony – Orange-bay Doodlepony (Home Herd)
  • LB Saddlebred – Chestnut Tobiano

Martha Bechtel

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