June Camp NaNoWriMo : Day 14

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It’s almost halfway through Camp NaNoWriMo… do you know where your stories are?

The First 10,000 Words are well behind me, but the 25k midpoint goal is still a good ways out of reach. But since I’m clocking in roughly 10k a day on the weekends, I’m not too worried yet.

NaNo Rebeling is turning out to be a little more chaotic than expected, but still good fun. I’m holding off on posting the drafts because I’m hopping between stories more than expected— so other than the flash fiction and drabbles, there won’t be much to see until July rolls around. (Sorry!)

The State of the Stories

As for my Grand Plans™… I’ve gotten half of the short stories into decent rough draft form, but only one of them clocks in around 5k. The others are all over the board in terms of wordcount, one even clocking in just under 2k in a mostly finished form.

To pad things out I’ve been writing a lot of flash fiction and drabbles to help stave of writer’s block. (And thanks to the Terrible Minds flash fiction challenges, I’ve done a few I wasn’t expecting too.) Which is fun, since I’m playing in universes that I haven’t touched in a while, like Rise and Walk and Danny the Grumpy Immortal.

On one hand it’s a good thing, since the flash fiction is helping to round out the universes I haven’t written much in. On the other hand, it’s frustrating because they aren’t saleable pieces— they’re too universe-dependant and like fan fiction required background knowledge to pack the intended punch.

I suppose I could always do universe-themed collections of the shorter stuff, but for now they’re more Monday-filler material. *pokes Muses*

Ah well, I’ve got wordcount to catch up on and plenty of stories left to draft! 😀

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