Friesian/Saddlebred Custom – Part II

Friesian 06-27-2012 Right

Time for round two! 🙂 (Missed out on Part I? Click here!)

I planned on posting this much earlier in the week, but I kept finding little things that needed tweaking and ended up procrastinating until tonight. I’m more or less happy with the results now, so it’s time to post some photos and get some feedback.

As always, click to get photos several times life-sized (if somewhat washed out).

I’ve gone back in and lengthened the tail, fixed the short left ear, cleaned up the last of the ribbons on the head and straightened out the front left leg.

As you can see by the gorgeous paint job on the lower legs, I’ve been working on evening out the hooves as well. I think I’ve finally gotten it to look right, but now it’s time to punt the ball back into the customers court. Hopefully she’ll like the changes I’ve made. 😀

Friesian WiP 06-27-2012 Ears Friesian WiP 06-27-2012 Back

I really need to get one of those dessert carousels so that it’s easier to spin them around. *ponders*

Friesian WiP 06-27-2012 Legs Front Friesian WiP 06-27-2012 Legs Right Friesian WiP 06-27-2012 Legs Left

And that’s all she wrote! 🙂 (At least for now…)

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