Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Cantering Foal (G2)
Color: Turquoise/Teal Blanket Appaloosa
Gallery: Fantasy Appaloosa
Medium: Gesso, Liquitex Artist Color Acrylics (Gesso, Mars Black, Burnt Sienna, Turquoise Green, Bright Aqua Green)
Status: Painted May 2012 and SOLD

This little gal would have been done back in February if I hadn’t managed to knock her off the back of the lightbox table and into hiding… *sighs*

Cloudburst ‘s another horse from the old body box, having sat two-thirds finished for roughly seven years—now that the last of the detail work is done, she’s capped off with a nice matte finish and is ready to find a new shelf to call home!

She has a shaded teal base, variegated mane and tail, realistic glossed eyes and plain black hooves. Her logo and seams have been removed, but I didn’t do any additional carving to her ears or hooves.

I have no idea if she’s Live Show Quality—and that’s something I should probably put some effort into researching. I don’t really have the budget to addend live shows, but maybe I can pick some brains over at Blab on how the fantasy show rings are looking nowadays. *ponders*

Cloudburst – Left Cloudburst – Right Cloudburst – Top Cloudburst – Tummy Cloudburst – Front Cloudburst – Back

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