A List I Didn’t Know I Had

I started reading Seth Godin’s blog again recently; I’m a bit of a binge-and-purge blog reader (as you’ll have noticed by the constantly changing line-up in my blogroll and he’s been on and off it several times now.

But the reason he’s back on is the same reason he’s always back on—he tends to post stuff that comes in at right angles to the way I’m looking at the world. Hence the sudden appearance of the List.

I wasn’t really aware that I had a default list of ‘why I can’t/shouldn’t do X’ but it seems pretty obvious to me now. Some of my generic litany of ‘why this is a bad idea’ is actually relevant, but a lot of it is like his opening example. It’s the same list, over and over and I didn’t really notice I was using it for everything.

And almost all of mine still boil down to the fact that the results won’t be perfect and therefore not worth the attempt/effort/materials.

You’d think I would have figured this out by now… but apparently not. *sighs*

I just need to write ‘Failure is the Breakfast of Champions‘ in bigger letters on my whiteboard I suppose…

Martha Bechtel

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