A List I Didn’t Know I Had

I started reading Seth Godin’s blog again recently; I’m a bit of a binge-and-purge blog reader (as you’ll have noticed by the constantly changing line-up in my blogroll and he’s been on and off it several times now.

But the reason he’s back on is the same reason he’s always back on—he tends to post stuff that comes in at right angles to the way I’m looking at the world. Hence the sudden appearance of the List. (more…)

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Friesian/Saddlebred Custom – Part II

Friesian 06-27-2012 Right

Time for round two! 🙂 (Missed out on Part I? Click here!)

I planned on posting this much earlier in the week, but I kept finding little things that needed tweaking and ended up procrastinating until tonight. I’m more or less happy with the results now, so it’s time to post some photos and get some feedback.

As always, click to get photos several times life-sized (if somewhat washed out). (more…)

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Live From the Workbench

Once again, pictures are my one weakness when it comes to posting updates. You’d think I’d have the hang of this by now, but all I can see are the flaws in the pieces and I hate posting things with flaws that only take a few moments to fix.

Except for the fact that epoxy takes four hours to dry.

So, erm, yeah… You’ll have to use your imagination again this round. 😉 (more…)

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The Editing Chainsaw

Two Years of the Megablog!

Okay, so technically various incarnation of my websites have been around a lot longer than two years (back to 1998 in fact), but June 23rd, 2010 was when I officially squished all the blogs together.

As you can see from the analytics below, the last year has been a rather giddy climb in terms of visitors and things that visitors are looking at. I’ve love for the numbers to keep ramping up, but right now I seem to have hit a happy plateau (save for random event-based spikes).

With a total of 1,679 posts now in the archives, I’ve got a solid foundation to build from—I just have to figure out which way to go! (more…)

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