June Camp NaNoWriMo 2012 – Story #7 (Urban Fantasy, Everyday Wolves)

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Below is the rough outline for a short story that is in queue for this year’s June Camp NaNoWriMo. You can see a list of all of the stories here, or you can just click on the Camp NaNoWriMo tag and get all the planning goodness.

Verse: Everyday Wolves

Working Title: Natural Instincts

Blurb: There’s a fine line between hoarding and storing food for the winter.

Rough Outline

  1. Hoarders intervention, Matt gets drug into by Cassian who is helping a were-beaver family (recessives) deal with a hoarding problem from the dad.
  2. House is awesome, lots of hoarding stashes, Dad is stubborn about needing all of it, one daughter sides with him, human mom and two boys don’t.
  3. Going through the belonging, mostly useful stuff, just not stuff that’s realistically useful. Cassian and Matt talk about weres and form-influenced behaviors.
  4. Matt is sort of torn, the one son is seeing it all in a very negative light and is trying to get everyone to agree with him that his dad is a bad person. Mom and other brother are frustrated, but not to that point. Sister thinks the dad is being logical, but has a little too much.
  5. The folks doing the intervention are good, used to working with weres, but the trash hauling company is not. Some tensions there, rude ppl. Fight of sorts.
  6. House is mostly cleaned, family is mostly settled down again. Matt is tired, Cassian is pessimistic and life goes on.

Cassian’s friends
Family: mother, father, son, son, daughter
Therapist, Oragnizer, Trash company employees

Dorm room/Apartment

This is very much a character driven story, focusing more on the adaption of were’s into society as a whole (or the lack thereof) and sort of a commentary on Matt and Cassian’s relationship.

Martha Bechtel

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