June Camp NaNoWriMo 2012 – Story #4 (Fantasy, Kazimar)

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Below is the rough outline for a short story that is in queue for this year’s June Camp NaNoWriMo. You can see a list of all of the stories here, or you can just click on the Camp NaNoWriMo tag and get all the planning goodness.

Verse: Kazimar

Working Title: Favors

Blurb: Deep blue Illysa burns bright above the winter treetops, but when sickness stalks the caves a brave few must venture out for help from an unlikely source.

Rough Outline

  1. There’s a sickness in the caves, the cure exists outside, but it’s a blue winter and people think they will fade away and turn to ghosts.
  2. One person volunteers to go out anyways. They head out, expecting to die but if they bring the herbs back they can leave them by the door, they just can’t come back into the caves.
  3. They go out and survive the first night, but there is something out there.
  4. They find the herbs they need, but they also find another winter predator.
  5. The wolves save the person from the polar bear thingy, but seem relatively uninterested in him.
  6. The wolves are digging for the same herbs, but are having problems getting at them. The guy helps them out, which confuses them but they thank him sort of.
  7. He heads bak to the caves, leaves the herb. His friend comes out and says goodbye.
  8. Now what, he’s not sure what to do. The wolf comes back, and gets him to follow them back to the camp of the pack followers.
  9. So he lives and the people in the caves live and all is well with the world, sort of.

Volunteer guy
The pack followers

Other camp

I haven’t written anything beyond drabbles in this ‘verse. There isn’t a lot of background beyond the few world-building posts I’ve done– it will be interesting to see how it develops since this is another character-heavy piece. Actually that seems to be a theme so far: less action, more internal monologuing. Hmm. *ponders*

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