June Camp NaNoWriMo 2012 – Story #2 (Fantasy, Avenshark/The Third Kingdom)

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Below is the rough outline for a short story that is in queue for this year’s June Camp NaNoWriMo. You can see a list of all of the stories here, or you can just click on the Camp NaNoWriMo tag and get all the planning goodness.

Verse: Avenshark/The Third Kingdom

Working Title: Cultural Infestations

Blurb: OutKingdomers bring their cultures with them and it’s up to the Shepherds to sort out the misunderstandings.

Rough Outline

  1. Vegetarians vs Carnivores argument over the dinner table. Someone is leaving food out in a corner of the stables and it’s attracting rats, lectures to OutKingdomers on why this is bad.
  2. Homesick kids and hard transitions
  3. Someone is still feeding the rats and the barn cats have gone into hiding
  4. Night watch for the rat feeder, but nothing is caught, kid comes to help keep watch
  5. Librarian’s rat terrier is dead, poisoned, campus goes into lockdown
  6. They figure out it was the kid putting the food out for the rats—was only putting out the meat. He was trying to save them, things on his world eat only carnivores followed him through. As long as they have enough to eat they won’t attack
  7. Parker spreads the word, extermination teams move section by section wiping them out.
  8. They get into Parker’s area, kid makes stupid last stand between classmates and rats—only it works. Vermin are squished, the day is saved.
  9. Turns out vermin will eat anything, but are repelled by the plants they use to make clothes and are the main part of their diet. Is not that they don’t eat meat, it’s that they also eat plants. Aka :Correlation does not equal causation.

Vegetarian kid
Evil Rat Things

Lunchroom, Classroom, Stables, Campus Hallways

I’ve started a lot of short stories in the Avenshark verse, but I’ve never managed to finish any of them. It’s not the best track record– even worse when you consider that my very first NaNo novel (and NaNo loss) was based in the Third Kingdom. *pokes verse* Ah well, never give up hope! 🙂

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