Blogging Burnout (or: Turning Fun into Work)


I’ve hit a wall in my WoW blogging—I have over two dozen posts that are in various stages of draft, but nothing even close to post-ready. I haven’t played WoW itself in almost three weeks now and some of that centers around the fact that my brain is nagging me to do article research and not goof-off.

I even managed to miss my own Blog Azeroth post topic last week due to general ennui, which is a true testament to Newton’s Laws of Muses (a Muse at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside National Novel Wiriting Month).

And I’m not sure when it’s going to get better.

Diablo III hits tomorrow, June Camp NaNoWriMo is waiting in the wings, and I have a bunch of custom model horses in queue that need to get painted. There’s also the general day-to-day joys of Being a Grown-up™ and Having a Job™ adding to the general chaos.

I love WoW and I love blogging, so I’m not stopping either… I just think I’m going to dial back to my old schedule of once a week posting and ditzing around in Azeroth for fun, not profit research.

And I’m going to get those shadow priests ready for PvP even if I have to do it fifteen minutes at a time. *stubborn*

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