April 2012 Balance Sheet

April 2012

I finally sold something! 😀 😀 😀

…and that probably sounds really bad, but I don’t care. I’m just happy to finally have a positive number to record! *grin* (Plus as an artist it’s very comforting to know that other folks out there like your stuff.)

Now I just need to get more of these little guys finished and into the sales barn. *rolls up sleeves*

The Breakdown

Income : $74.35

$47.30 Feuertänzer
$27.05 Nocte Rex

Feuertänzer has the honor of being the first horse sold in 2012– and he’s definitely not who I’d have thought would take the honor. Doodle horses, while an immense amount of fun to paint, are not exactly what the hobby is looking for.

But with two fantasy horses galloping off the shelves, maybe I’ve underestimated what folks want!

Expenses : -$24.87

$1.67 PayPal Fees (Feuertänzer)
$1.08 PayPal Fees (Nocte Rex)
$10.95 Bluehost (Domain Name)
$6.20 Shipping (Feuertänzer)
$4.97 Shipping (Nocte Rex)

I need to start thinking over the domain names, not sure if I really need to keep all of them. At the very least I probably need to take off the identity protection now that I have the PO box. *ponders*

Inventory : -$10.25

$2.33 Body Cost: Midnight Rose
$5.25 Body Cost: Little Miss Margins
$0.47 Body Cost: Mayflower
$2.20 Body Cost: Frost on the Vine

On the one hand, I’m happy to be finishing up old WiP horses, but on the other hand bringing all of these bodies into inventory is killing me! :p I really really need to start using the ones I just bought this year.

Taxes : $0.00
Nothing this month, but next month I’ll finally have something to turn in on the ST-9 form! 😀

TOTAL : $39.23
Finally, a positive number! YAYAYAYAYAY! *does the Kermit happy dance*

Year to Date

$74.35 Income
-$230.00 Expenses
-$149.63 Inventory
-$30.00 Taxes
-$335.28 TOTAL

And now we’re back into the negatives… ah well, someday soon I’ll be out of the red for good! *crosses fingers*

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