The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt Hints

Is this the Egg you need nope? Just testing!

Hint the first: The egg is located in a Perish Twice post somewhere between April 1st and April 7th. Of 2012. … I have to wonder if folks are simply searching for “Egg” and clicking on every single post that matches. o_o;;

Hint the second: Thus, it is not in the category header, the footer, the disclaimer, the other category posts, or the RSS feed icons. (Although there’s a hint in the Saturday Story Prompts…)

Hint the third: It is the only egg without a silly mouse-over indicating it is NOT the egg you need.

Eggcellent try but no luck!

Hint the fourth: The confirmation link page will ask you a riddle to get in. And since it appears that everyone has switched to the tactic of ‘click every image’… brute force will indeed work. To a point. 😉

Hint the Fifth: Searching for the word “Egg” DOES NOT WORK. So thbbbpt.