Targeting the G3 Stablemates

I’ve decided the theme for April is going to be Breyer G3 Stablemates—I haven’t painted very many of these and I want to try and expand my galleries (as well as my Etsy listings). As much as I love the look of the G2s, it’s time to broaden my horizons a bit.

I’ll get to the G4s eventually… against my will. :p

One of Everything

Right now I don’t have every mold from the G3 line-up, but I figure I’ll paint what I have and then come back and order the ones I’m missing. Right now the hard part is just figuring out what color to paint all those Warmbloods! 😉

  • Andalusian : Suicide Kings, Body, Body
  • Arabian : Troll Druid
  • Belgian : Drastic Resculpt, Body, Body
  • Friesian : -don’t have-
  • Hanovarian : Green Leopard Appalosa
  • Highland Pony : Ha’penny, Body, Body
  • Jumper : Body
  • Lying Foal : -don’t have-
  • Mustang : Black Roan, Body
  • Peruvian Paso : Body
  • Standing Foal : -don’t have-
  • Stock Horse : Body
  • Tennessee Walking Horse : -don’t have-
  • Warmblood : Nocte Rex, Bay Minimal Tobiano, Minor Resculpt, Body, Body, Body, Body

Templates and Crayons

One of the things I’m still looking for from my prior customizing run is a black and white line drawing of a horse. I mirrored it so that I had both sides and then I dumped it four (or five?) to a page and used it to work out color patterns.

It was a great tool for seeing how paint colors would blend together and if a pattern would ‘work’ on a horse—and darned if I can find it! *glares at art desk* Someday I will learn to be more organized… hopefully that day will come soon!

Once I do find it, I’ll post it here—but no promises as to when that will be. :p

Battleplans and Mice

After a bit of brainstorming, here’s some of the color combinations I’ve come up with– I’m not sure which horse gets which color yet, so if anyone has any votes lemme know! 🙂

These are colors I haven’t done before:

  • Bronze Frame Overo
  • Dun
  • Mealy Bay
  • Silver Chestnut (Fantasy)
  • Black Rabicano

And these are the horses whose color I’d love to take another stab at:

Main Street Bubba
Pumpkin King
Copper Kid
Little Lincoln
Sudden Digression
Danny Boy
Pure Malarkey
Pure Malarkey
Finnegans Wake
Rainy Day Blues
Ocean Echoes

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