Saturday Story Prompts [2012.04.21]

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1. There were no streams here, nor rivers or lakes or even ponds. The water they needed to survive was stored in the vegetation and he was still getting used to grabbing a cucumber when he wanted a drink.

2. Fish made poor mounts, since they never need to come up for air, but sperm whales were hardly an improvement.

3. The dragon was an immense mountain of coils, covered in barnacles and algae that shimmered with slime. There was another crunch as it rose upwards, using the lighthouse to pull itself from the storm waters.

4. Fantasy worlds lean towards multiple moons and a dozen constellations for every dire prophecy, so she wasn’t prepared for the empty night sky.

5. Colony ships only have the tools they are sent with, so the first few waves carried carefully tailored manifests to handle every situation that science could conceive of. The next generation was much less prepared, but infinitely more successful—humanity does better with hand tools and duct tape than it does with black box solutions.


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013 Saturday Story Prompts 2012-04-21
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