Saturday Story Prompts [2012.04.14]

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1. ‘You should have known better’ is possibly the least helpful thing anyone can say. Ever. So I clamped my mouth shut and helped him load the fish into the truck.

2. Your brain likes patterns, that’s what it’s designed to do, only it sees patterns that aren’t there. It’ll try to help, try to filter out everything you’re seeing now into what it knows is ‘right.’ So never trust what you see, or what you hear unless someone else confirms it. Your partner’s not your babysitter, he’s your sanity. Now suit up– it’s time to earn our dinner.

3. There’s nothing so terrifying as a cloudless sky that stretches from horizon to horizon without a single tree to anchor it down.

4. I never thought of myself as particularly bright or talented, just average. But average wasn’t a bad thing to be, I figured. I might not be a doctor or an athlete or pop singer– but the world needed normal people too. And then the war came and all of a sudden average wasn’t good enough.

5. It’s a small world, like Earth. With one yellow sun, one white moon, and stars that look right if you don’t know where constellations are supposed to be. It’s a hairsbreadth from being Earth, statistically, but it doesn’t feel right… and somehow that’s worse than two moons or purple skies.


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Your brain likes patterns, that’s what it’s designed to do, only it sees patterns that aren’t there. Saturday Story Prompt. April 14, 2012
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