Saturday Story Prompts [2012.04.07]

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(In honor of the The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt, this week’s prompts all revolve around eggs!)

1. She never meant to end up with geese, they were messy and loud and very good at keeping intruders (and friends!) at bay—but you don’t say no to golden eggs. Or silver ones, although the ducks were much more pleasant company.

2. Dyeing eggs was fun, dyeing siblings was even better and no amount of scoldings would ever erase the joyous memories of the look on Auntie’s face when she saw the lot of them.

3. Cooking was all science and no art—at least until the colony was sure what they could eat. There were more than a few chefs chomping at the bit to get their hands on the deep purple eggs, but thankfully the expedition had screened for common sense as well as talent.

4. The only difference between dragon eggs and chicken eggs is that one of them contains a dragon. Thankfully chickens tend not to build nests in the charred corpses of their latest meal, so figuring out which ones to avoid was much easier than I’d hoped.

5. Rotten eggs are nature’s stinkbombs and with one solid hit there’s no way to the dogs would ever lose the trail. She’d pegged him at least three times, with eggs buried six months old—so when the scent went cold halfway into the forest she knew there was magic involved.


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