PvP = Player versus Procrastination

Scenery Tall Illysu Illysa Fishing Dusk

Alright, I admit it— I’m just procrastinating now.

I’ve spent the last week reading PvP guides, researching PvP builds, digging up info on PvP gear and enchantments, checking out every little thing I can dig up on Alterac Valley… and basically doing everything except putting foot in a battleground.

The transition from PvE to PvP (or at least competent PvP) feels less like jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool and more like jumping out of an airplane. And lo, I am a wuss.

So I’m going to stop and break the plummet down into something a bit more bite-sized. I’ve chipped it down into the smallest steps I can think of and I’ve sorted the resulting information into draft posts. Now I just need to finish the posts, finish the in-game application, and get my butt in gear.

And if all else fails, I’ll finish this off—and then just take Illysu in to see what it’s like solo. 😉

To-Do List

  1. Research the battleground – DONE (Alterac Valley: Knowledge is Power)
  2. Research and apply PvP Talent Tree
  3. Research and apply PvP Glyphs
  4. Research and apply PvP auction house gear
  5. Research and apply PvP food/buffs/etc.
  6. Research and apply PvP addons
  7. Research and apply PvP UI tweaks
  8. Play