Midnight Rose

Midnight Rose

Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Andalusian (G2)
Color: Dark Red Bay
Gallery: Solid Color
Medium: Liquitex Acrylics (Gesso, Naphthol Crimson, Ivory Black, Burnt Sienna) and Sargent Art Chalk Pastels
Status: Painted March 2012 and For Sale

I know, I know, I’ve broken my musical naming theme with this little fella, but when I tried to give him a nice Cantata or Requiem he objected. Some horses aren’t meant for fancy names, I suppose!

This handsome fella had been sitting on my workbench shelf for quite some time, existing in an amusing one-side-only-pasteled version of his current glory. I finally took pity and started finishing him off—only to have his very first coat of sealer go horribly horribly wrong. *sighs*

After replacing the can, I was able to sort him out– but he’s still showing his battle scars. The bumps are slightly harder to see with the matte finish, but there are very small droplets all over him where the first sealer went wrong.

Thankfully the additional coats of sealer between that coat and the last helped to smooth them out. As you can see in the photos his coat is still a little rough, but he should be fine for photo showing and makes a quite handsome shelf piece! 🙂

Midnight Rose – Right Midnight Rose – Left Midnight Rose – Top Midnight Rose – Tummy Midnight Rose – Front Midnight Rose – Back

Martha Bechtel

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