March 2012 Balance Sheet

March 2012

March was once again a wash, which I’d love to blame solely on the non-business end of things going a bit haywire—but in reality I need to learn to consistently run a business even if the rest of my life goes loco.

Still, I’m getting things done even if those things don’t result in sales, so I’m going to keep focusing on the positive. I figure businesses have the same initial inertia as everything else in life, by the end of 2012 it should be smooth sailing! 🙂


The Breakdown

Income : $0.00
No sales, yet again. *sighs*

Expenses : -$147.94
$107.40 Webhosting Fees
$0.20 Etsy Fees
$40.34 Art Supplies

Inventory : $0.00
$0.00 Bodies transferred into Inventory

Taxes : $0.00
Someday Virginia will catch-up to the rest of the business world and let us do this online. Until then my stamps go to feed the USPS automaton. *mutters*

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