Live From the Workbench

Live From the Workbench 04-29-12

Nothing like an off-the-cuff update to help catch things up to speed! (Plus I’ve got some custom orders rolling in soon, so I need to get back in the habit or posting updates. 😉 )

As you can see from the workbench, I’m still a bit behind on the four horses I hoped to get to Etsy this weekend. Since hope springs eternal, I’m not giving up quite yet…

Frost on the Vine

The rose shire is done, I’ve just been having a real headache of a time getting good photos from the light box this week—I may have to rethink how I have that constructed. She’s one of the old body box horses and I want to get her done and over with (I still have a whole herd of those to get through. *sighs*)

Newton’s Law

The bay tobiano warmblood just needs details like eyes and some touch-up pastelling to his hooves and the transition between his body coat and his mane and tail. The black is just too stark a contrast right now. *pokes model*

Schneekatze (German: Snow Cat)

The green tiger splash overo stock horse is still developing his stripes. I’m just having fun with layering and mixing medias (Acrylics, Prismacolor Pencils, Pastels), so he’s not an LSQ prospect. He will, however, be one kick-ass shelf piece and definitely PSQ!

Bækhesten (Scandinavian version of the Kelpie)
The watercolor mustang is still in the ‘random Muse attack’ stage. I’m going to go back and use the same watery effect to fade all three colors down his legs and then merge into the black points. I’m still pondering if I want to darken his face, to match the original roan idea… I think I might just bring the heavier color blends down over his nose instead.

He has a flat gesso base and then I’ve seriously watered down the already translucent acrylics to get the water color effect. I’d be tempted to use actual water colors—but alas, I don’t have any in my Art Horde™. I’m going to go with a heavy gloss finish when I’m done, which will hopefully give him a look similar to Ocean Echoes, although with a lot more white.

The grand plan is to have these all done and listed to Etsy by Sunday night (and to find Cloudburst!) But we’ll see how she rolls…

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