Little Miss Margins (Custom Breyer Stablemate Thoroughbred)

The meeting is dragging on, people are trapped in a loop rehashing old topics and you… you’re stuck doodling in the margins. Or playing Angry Birds—but I think they’d sue me if I started slapping beaks on the horses.

This little gal first appeared here and has come a long way since. As you can see, I didn’t quite stick to the tovero pattern I had mapped out in Paint Shop, but I think she turned out nicely.

The Pigma pen turned out to be much more of a smudge-magnet than expected, so if I do another horse using one I think I’ll pick up a can of Workable Fixative. There’s a lot of touch-up work on this little gal and it was harder to match the blended basecoat than expected.

Speaking of basecoats– because I didn’t strip her before I painted over her, she’s not Live Show Quality by a long stretch. I think she might make a nice Photo Shower, even with the flaws, but it would depend on the competition. She’s still a great shelf piece either way!

Medium: Liquitex Artist Color (Gesso, Turquoise Green, Bright Aqua Green, Ivory Black), Pigma Micron 03 black pen
Status: Painted March 2012 and Sold July 2012