I Would Walk 500 HealthMiles

Well, okay, eventually anyway…

My beloved workplace has glomphed onto the Virgin Healthmiles bandwagon, much to my joy! Nothing like cold hard cash (up to $500 a year) to help lure me off the couch/laptop and onto the treadmill computer

Plus my coworker, whom I have challenged to MORTALish COMBATmiles, is kicking my butt! *shakes fist at sky* Seriously, 1,909 steps just this morning??—apparently I need to offer to babysit ’cause that is eons beyond my own measly 377.

I don’t know if I can see folks who are logged in under other companies, but if y’all are out there lemme know and I’ll try to find you! 😀

UPDATE: Apparently I only amble 2573 steps on a normal workday– time to hit the treadmill! >.<;;

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