Saturday Story Prompts [2012.03.31]

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1. There are different words for food that fills the belly and food that nourishes, but it takes the translators almost a week to understand their charges are slowly starving.

2. A small corps of trees rise out of the mound, dark brindled bark and rose-colored leaves that look completely out of place upon the plains.

“It’s what happens when a dragon dies,” she tells him, voice soft and tempered with respect.

3. Space is very forgiving to new pilots, there’s lots of nothing to run into and plenty of room to trip over your own thrusters. Still, they make sure to take the trainees at least three hours at warp from any planet or normal chartered path before they turn them loose.

4. There’s nothing on the wind to hint at the presence of a herd, so when the stampede crests the hill the hunting pack disintegrates into chaos.

5. “You didn’t ask if he was happy.” His aunt’s voice was sharp and clipped and made him feel decades younger than he was. He wondered when, or if, he’d ever grow out of that reaction.


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You didn’t ask if he was happy. Saturday Story Prompt. March 31, 2012
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