Saturday Story Prompts [2012.03.24]

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1. There’s nothing quite so sublime as the taste of spring in the south field orchards. As soon as the fist-sized flowers unfurl the whole valley is steeped in scents so heavy you can’t taste your lunch. Which is good if you like spice pies and not so good if you don’t.

2. The fish leapt up and over the boat in a shimmery mass of silver scales. For a moment the school even blocked out the sun, desperate in their bid to escape the nets.

3. Building a keyboard interface that took thoughts and turned them into text seemed like a good idea… up until they hooked one up. An hour into testing they realized no one could get more than a few words out before what they were thinking and what they meant to write started wildly diverging.

4. Flight was easy, it was living underwater that pushed the anti-gravity fields to their limits.

5. The academy expects nothing less than perfection and the students are carefully selected to match that obsessive drive towards an unobtainable goal.


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There’s nothing quite so sublime as the taste of spring in the south field orchards. Saturday Story Prompt. March 24, 2012
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