Saturday Story Prompts [2012.03.10]

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1. “You are a very odd sort of evil. Effective, but odd.”

2. The caves were hidden under the fury of the perpetual storm, a massive twist of winds that had eaten the valley down to the bedrock and kept the Convert vehicles at bay.

3. There are worse things to be than a wereparrot. Full moons meant there was a chance she’d chew on the curtains and cuss at the cat– thankfully a rampaging African Grey was more likely to annoy than terrify.

4. Imagination is a mercurial thing, prone to as many nightmares as daydreams– For every MacGyver she pulled off to save their lives, she could think of a hundred other ways things could go wrong. There’s a fine line between thinking outside the box and being paralyzed by agoraphobia.

5. In the low gravity, air was easier to swim through than water, but Jill was still getting used to watching the fish float by.


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You are a very odd sort of evil. Effective, but odd. Saturday Story Prompt. March 10, 2012
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