USPS PO Box Addons

I got a printout in my PO Box the other day alerting me to the new services that the local USPS has to offer—one of which seemed to be a perfect match to my own usage habits.

The general gist was that they would email or text me (I could only pick one) whenever something arrived in the PO Box. Perfect!

Only not so much.

The service will only alert you if you are getting a letter or a postcard. It will not let you know if you have gotten a box… which is what I needed it for. They’ll pile letters into the PO Box until it’s too full to cram, but a package only hangs around for three days before it gets returned to sender.*sighs*

Still, it’ll be nice to know when letters come in. Per the mailman at the service counter I’ll get the text up to a day or two before the letter shows up (which is not as useful), but at least it’s something.

They’ll also sign for packages for you and let you use the street address for times when delivery companies won’t take a PO. Not bad options, but I really don’t want the PO signing for things—what happens if it gets lost between them signing and me picking it up?

I have a sneaking suspicion the USPS would just tell me ‘better luck next time.’ *mutter*

Anywho, I’m tempted to send myself a letter just to see if it works, but I know March’s sales tax letter will be along as soon as April rolls around…

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