Own ALL the Martha’s!

Buy ALL the Domains!

Apparently I have gone crazy, but whilst renewing the webhosting it occurred to me to check out Martha.com (yet again) and this time it appears to be owned by a domain reseller.

And yes, I sent them an email asking if they would sell it to me. I also pointed out I’ve owned Martha.net since 1998 and no one has used the .com for anything since then. Take that Martha Stewart! MWHAHAHA!! Achem, yes.

(I’ve been kicking myself for, hmm, fourteen years? for not picking them both up when I could.)

I totally expect them to come back with a price point high enough to buy a car, but I am sort of hoping it will be something in the not-so-insane level. Technically I could claim it as a business expense, assuming sales pick up. *pokes Etsy store*

After all, no one has used .com in fourteen years (I’ve been checking), so how much could it possibly be worth?

Don’t answer that.

*clings to pipe dreams*

3/15 UPDATE: It’s officially Not For Sale™ now… darnit.

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