Live From The Workbench

Live From the Workbench 03-08-2012
Live From the Workbench 03-08-2012

Sorry for the lack of updates, February turned out to be a little crazier than I had expected. But crazy or not, there are horses to paint and updates to post, so onwards!

As you can tell by the mess, I’ve got a good herd to sort out into my WiP piles. Per my earlier resolution, I’m going to be focusing a lot more on fantasy this month, but really pushing hard to get these little guys done and into the store.

Feuertänzer and Nocte Rex are both done and have galloped off to Etsy already, so that leaves us three horses from the last update (one of whom has been drawn and quartered).

In my push to get more horses done I started working on the duplicate bodies from the January order. Thus I’m not including the ‘prepping’ horses anymore, since it would dominate the list.

I also pulled out a lot of the old body box horses and have added the ones to the list that I’m not stripping via Easy Off or Pine Sol (post on those two methods coming next week!). So no pics this time other than the large group shot above and the shelf shot below… but more finished horse posts to come soon.

I hope. *crosses fingers*

Finishing Details

UnnamedG3 Highland PonyGold body, Copper Tobiano markings, black mane and tailWorking on tobiano markings and body color. Metallics are a paint and a half to get decent coverage on, so he’s getting constant touch-ups.
UnnamedG2 Cantering FoalTeal Blanket AppaloosaAppy pattern needs to be refined and then it’s just eyes and hooves.
UnnamedG3 ThoroughbredTeal Doodle PonyDoodle pattern is coming along slowly, the micron pens are much more smudge-prone than expected (darnit)
UnnamedG3 WarmbloodBay Minimal TobianoTobiano markings, more minimal than originally intended, but I think he looks good.
UnnamedMaggie Bennett’s Micro FriesianPalominoDetail work and possibly some body touch up.
UnnamedMaggie Bennett’s Micro FriesianBlackEyes, hooves, body color is pretty much set
UnnamedG3 ArabianTroll Druidworking on details, adding body stripes and I need to finish off the base.

Body Color

UnnamedG2 AndalusianDark Red-bayAdding the black shadings with pastels, trying to decide if he needs chrome or not.
UnnamedG2 ShireRose SabinoFixing base color issues, then a realistic sabino pattern is waiting in the wings.
UnnamedG2 ShireYellow SabinoFixing base color issues and trying to decide if I want to go more fantasy with the sabino pattern. *ponders*
UnnamedG3 MustangBlack Roan SabinoBasecoat is almost done, pondering roaning methods. Am thinking splatterpaint, but it might be fun to try the colored pencil and pastels as well.
UnnamedG3 HanoverianGreen-bay Leopard AppaloosaBasecoat is almost done, but I am not using these greens again. Opaque colors are not my friend! *mutter*
UnnamedG2 ThoroughbredBay Extended Blanket AppaloosaBasecoat is almost done, need to decide if he’s going to be a fewspot or not.


UnnamedG2 Trotting FoalBlack Tobiano Draft-cross resculptTouching up the feathering since it’s craptastic. The rest of the horse is fine, so it’s a careful line to be walking.
UnnamedG3 BelgianFlaxen Chestnut?Has been drawn and quartered, needs massive resculpting. This is my realistic one, so… yeah.
UnnamedG3 WarmbloodDappled red/orange going grayEars are being resculpted, a mane and tail to follow!

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