For Want of a Game

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I need to play more video games.

Which, to be honest, isn’t something I ever thought I’d say. For a while I was playing them constantly during every free moment… between WoW and Civ and StarCraft and Diablo, etc. I rarely did anything else. (Heck I even played Farmville and CafeWorld for a while.)

But I’ve lost that obsession and my treadmill miles are suffering for it. *grumps*

So I’m going to try and chase down that spark again. Diablo III hits May 15th and darned if I don’t want to be in shape to spend the following weekend slaughtering some foes (and some miles). If people can learn to run a 5k in sixty days then surely I can learn to walk for multiple hours without dying. Right?

Actually learning to run a 5k would be cool too…

Anywho, this weekend will be an experiment in how long I can walk before I need a break (baseline), what games I can play while walking (WoW, StarCraft, Civ, Lotro, etc), and the Making of Schedules™ that I may or may not stick to.

If I’m lucky, I’ll find that spark again along the way…

And no, you probably won’t ever hear ‘I need to play more video games so I can get in shape to play more video games’ on the internet again.

At least until the Pandas drop. *innocent whistling*

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