February 2012 Balance Sheet

February 2012

February… was pretty much a wash. I only got a few horses done, did pretty close to zero marketing, and basically only have the Etsy traffic improvements to show for it (lots of favorites, no sales).

Since I was supposed to be planning my second quarter body order this month—I really need to kick things into gear. I need to get things done, listed to the store, and I need to have an actual marketing plan beyond ‘hope they sell.’

It’s a new month, so time for new resolutions!

The Breakdown

Income : $0.00
No sales for this month, but everyone has to start somewhere, eh? 🙂

Expenses : -$11.40
$1.40 Etsy Listing Fees
$10.00 Model Horse Sales Pages (12 months)

Nothing much here, picked up a subscription to MH$P so that I can start posting more horses. Hopefully as I paint more I’ll be able to move to a once-a-day posting. *crosses fingers*

Inventory : $0.00
$0.00 Bodies transferred into Inventory

No new bodies from inventory this month, woo!

Then again, no new horses either, so, hmm… I suppose the real test will be looking back at the end of 2012 and seeing how many of the ‘new’ bodies actually got painted. *eyes body box*

Taxes : $0.00
No sales, so no taxes. I just wish I didn’t have to waste a stamp to tell them I didn’t sell anything! :p

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