Dual-boxing Priests : Levels 23 to 26

Illysu and Illysa chilling in Silvermoon

This post is eons behind when it should have been done, but I’m going to try and power through the missing levels in the next week or so.

After some thought (and a dicussion thread over on WoW_Ladies) I decided to hold off entering PvP until I can hit Alterac Valley (40 vs 40). It will give me more wiggle room to learn to play effectively and then I can move onto the smaller maps.

And hopefully it will spare me some of the n00b-hate. Hopefully.

Current Keybinds

I realized I’m just not using a lot of the things I’ve keybound, so I went back and yanked out a few. Even though I haven’t run into another playing out questing in weeks, I’m keeping the ‘heal someone else’ Q-bindings just in case.

Illysum:Heal Illysum:Heal IllysaPower Word: FortitudeInner Firem:MountUp
Illysam:Heal Illysum:Heal IllysaPower Word: FortitudeInner Firem:MountUp
Illysum:Share Targetm:KillItSmiteWand
Illysam:Share Targetm:KillItSmiteWand
IllysuRenewPsychic Scream
IllysaPower Word: Shield
 Alt ~
Level 23

Level 23

Eighth Talent Point: I’m going with Improved Mind Blast since it offers the most immediate benefit. It will be interesting to poke around with the build once I hit 28 and see if it’s worth swapping points into Devouring Plague.
Abilities/Basic Strategy/Keybinds/Macros: No change other than the winnowing of keybinds that you saw above.

I’ve got to admit it’s going to very weird once MoP hits and our talent trees are reduced to Diablo III/Starcraft II levels. It’s going to be very weird leveling and not getting anything for long stretches. *pokes pair* Ah well, at least once I hit 45 I can start PvP!

Level 24
Level 24 - Fade

Level 24

Abilities: Fade 15% of base mana, Instant (30 sec cooldown), Fade out, temporarily reducing all your threat for 10 sec.
Basic Strategy/Keybinds/Macros: No change

I can’t see Fade being a useful ability to me, either in leveling or later in the PvP battlefields. It’s an agro dump, but unless I do it simultaneously the mobs are just going to go chew on the other priest. Right now I can heal my way through bad pulls, so other than using it as an easy way to shed the packs I pull while galloping through the country side I can’t think of any immediate applications.

I seem to have a lot of abilities that I don’t use—probably need to sit down and take another look at everything. *pokes keybinds*

Level 25
Level 25 - New Talent Point
Level 25 - Glyphs

Level 25

Ninth Talent Point: Improved Mind Blast, yet again
Abilities/Basic Strategy/Keybinds/Macros: No change

I’m not bothering with glyphs right now for a few reasons. The first is that I’m leveling on an established server where there aren’t many other alts in play. Thus the auction house prices are slightly insane without a main to feed me gold (woe).

Second, I’m planning on completely revamping to a PvP build come 45, so I’m only looking at a few hours of playtime working under the no-glyph handicap.

Third, did I mention I’m broke? :p

Level 26
Level 26 - Dispel Magic

Level 26

Abilities: Dispel Magic 16% of base mana, 30 – 40 yd range, Instant, Dispels magic on the target, removing 2 harmful spell from yourself or 1 beneficial spell from an enemy.
Basic Strategy/Keybinds/Macros: No change

Dispel Magic is much more useful than I’m giving it credit for, but much like Cure Disease I’m not in a position to make much use of it. This is more to me being lazy and not installing Healbot than anything else—as long as I’m not dying I don’t really worry about changing things around.

Not the best role model, I know, but leveling is so darned fast nowadays!

Plus a lot of these mechanics are meant for dungeons and boss fights, so…. Yeah.


Achievment Ghostlands Quests and Somebody Likes Me

As much as I complain that leveling has gotten boring, it is still fun—just not as much fun as I’d been hoping. There are times when I wish I was running with the Refer-a-Friend XP bonuses, but RaF moves you so quickly through the levels that you never have time to learn the spells.

Ah well, I figure I’m going to run full-tilt towards 45 and then come to a screeching halt once I get there. PvP will be fun to learn, but I’m thinking the curve is going to be a bit crazy. Still, what’s the fun if there’s no challenge! 😉

*adds more notes to the draft Alterac Valley post and the Shadow Priest PvP post*

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