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The Editing Chainsaw

Building a Posting Buffer

I’m almost back to my post-a-day schedule and in order to keep things solidly on track (not that it ever has been) I need to build up a buffer of posts that I can fall back on in case I go on vacation/get sick/get distracted/etc.

The problem with writing buffer posts is that they have to be ‘timeless’ so that readers won’t instantly know that I’m pulling out my sick-day stash. So how to I write something that is just as good tomorrow as it is six weeks from now?

Ay, there’s the rub. (more…)

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Workbench Stablemate Shelf Take 1

How to Make Cheap Stablemate Shelving

So Many Bodies, So Little Room

As you’ve noticed from earlier posts I have a LOT of Stablemate bodies and a metric ton of works-in-progress. In order to keep myself from buying even more bodies to fill in imaginary gaps in my stock, I decided to make it painfully obvious that I am hoarding the darned things.

Since I’m unwilling to spend money when I can MacGyver things, thus the mighty Stablemate Shelf of Cheapness™ was born! (more…)

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Ten Worlds in Thirty Days (or: June Camp NaNoWriMo)

Since I’m pantsing Script Frenzy, it’s time to start taking a hard look at the next challenge on the horizon! (Technically that’s the badge from last year’s Camp NaNoWriMo, but since they aren’t going to update the website until Script Frenzy is over, I’m going with it.)

The plan is to write a collection of unrelated short stories instead of a proper novel. I’m doing this because a) I can use the short stories as serials for the website and b) I might actually polish the rough drafts instead of post-and-forget.

At least that’s the theory. (more…)

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The Horse and the Hacksaw

I haven’t tried a drastic resculpt in while… or ever actually finished one that I started. Thus I decided it was time to give things another go.

You’ll recognize the little soon-to-be-guy to the right as the Breyer G3 Stablemate Belgian—a horse I’ve been having problems with due to the horrible hooves. I’m not fond of trying a fantasy repaint on him without at least a little work and I’m not willing to put in a realistic paintjob without a lot of work.

So alot of work he shall be! (more…)

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Live From the Workbench

Live From the Workbench 03-26-2012

I’m going to get back into weekly posting of this if it kills me! (Okay, maybe just maims…)

Anywho, I got a lots of horses mostly done since the last update, but I still haven’t polished off the details. I also got a new Work-in-Progress shelf build, so I’m going to be lazy and base updates off that for now.

Counting down from left to right… (more…)

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That’s So Fifteen Minutes Ago

seilF emiT

Some days I think I’m just not fast enough to be a blogger… by the time I get a post together the topics have come and gone.

But being slow isn’t always a bad thing. If I’m running behind the times, I get lots of shiny posts to link to and a nice thick underpinning of discussion to bounce off of. It’s just that the audience for said topic has already sprinted off to the next one, like fox terriers after a tennis ball.

I feel like I’m constantly playing catch-up, and I’m not sure how to fix that. *mutter* (more…)

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