Waiting for the Wipe

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Of Tumbleweeds and Crickets

Every year the National Novel Wiriting Month and Script Frenzy forums reset on the first day of the month before the event. Profiles, posts, etc. are all reset to nothing—you keep your username and password, but nothing else. (Except maybe writing buddies? Not sure with the new system).

Anywho, I’ve been waiting for the Script Frenzy forums to wake up again so I have someone to chatter at in Graphic Novel & Comic Scripts subforum. (And the “I come from NaNoLand” subforum o’course 😉 )

I poked my nose in earlier this year, but they’re pretty much a ghost town. Seeing Last Posts in weeks and not minutes/hours is still a little disconcerting…

The NaNoWriMo forums are also winding down, although there’s a core group that’s still active in December and Beyond!. I suppose I’ve been a bit spoiled by the massive happening that was the 2011 NaNo– Script Frenzy seems almost tiny in comparison. *pokes the forum’s total post counts from last year in mild alarm*

Ah well, it will be an interesting adventure and a good excuse to break out my comic-themed art supplies. I have a feeling the ‘100 pages of script’ will probably turn into ‘100 pages of roughs and dialog’, but we shall see.

100 pages verses 50,000 words still feels like it’s going to be way too easy.

Anyone else going to be playing this year? 😀

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