Saturday Story Prompts [2012.02.25]

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1. “But I don’t want to find a fairy godmother!” Stella complained as they handed her a traveling knapsack and a week’s worth of rations. “I just want to marry the Prince!”

2. It wasn’t until Sam bled out across the floor, but didn’t die that we realized the city was serious when she said she’d never let us go.

3. Hamlets love travelers because they bring the mail and uncommon skills. Villages love them because they bring rare goods and better gossip. Towns won’t even open the gates unless they have papers and Berri has never seen a city up close.

4. Oddly laughter was not a universal language and it pushed the translators’ limits to explain that Steven was just amused, not dying.

5. Normal horizons are made by the curve of the Earth and the haze from the atmosphere. But here there was no air to get in the way and the curve was so slight they could see as far as magnification would allow.


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It wasn't until Sam bled out across the floor, but didn't die that we realized the city was serious when she said she'd never let us go. Saturday Story Prompt. February 25, 2012
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