Mice and Macros and Memes, Oh My!

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It’s been an odd sort of month so far and you can tell by the sudden dearth of postings that it’s been a busy one. I’m trying to get back into my normal WoWing and posting schedules, but I expect things will be a bit wonky until mid-March.

So instead of a proper post (I still need to backdate the World of Treadcraft logs) I’m dropping a quick update and heading back into planning out the rest of this month.

Ah well, the rest of you have fun storming the castle! 😀

Quick Sum-Up

  • I got tagged in Gnomeaggon’s Sixth meme and created a massive who-tagged-who tree that had led me to a whole passel full of new blogs to read. I’m still updating the list, but it looks like the meme has slowed down somewhat—owed in large part to the fact that everyone is tagging the same people. (whew!)
  • I picked up a Razer Naga mouse after coveting it for some time and am busy remapping my keybinds and macros. (That and picking up Shadowform have really messed with my rotations. :p)
  • A random person I met in game asked me why I was dual-boxing priests instead of something more useful—and now I’m starting to wonder that myself. I’m not really sure what my endgame goals are at this point, so I need to do more researching into their viability once I’m out of quests.
  • I got the Diablo III beta and have lost some of my normal WoWing hours to that.
  • I have friends who are trying to get me to play Lord of the Rings Online, so that could eat up some time in the near future
  • Finding a wall mount for my monitor is not an easy task… I may DIY one if things don’t sort out soon. I’m getting tired of using wooden shims to approximate the tilt. :p x a bazillion

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