Birth of a Doodle Horse

Doodle Pony-to-be

While working my way down through the body box this weekend I found another body that I couldn’t salvage, even as PSQ. (I seem to have quite a few of those, but I think it’s due to the tinted gesso I was experimenting with at the time.)

Anywho, since my Easy Off de-painting bucket was already full by the time I found him, I decided this little guy needed to be a doodle pony!

I laid down a shaded coat of teal (with darker teal points) and pondered my options. So far I’ve used permanent markers, acrylics, and paint pens to create the doodle patterns, but I was looking for something with finer control…

After a rummage through the art desk I decided on the black Sakura Pigma Micron art pens that I had. The designs here are in the 03 pen size, but I’m thinking of going back in with the 01 and 005 when it’s done and adding a bit more flare.

As you can see from the photoshopped gray areas, I’m aiming for a faux-tovero pattern on this little guy.

The chances that anyone will notice this without reading his post are pretty slim, but I figure a blog in-joke can’t hurt once in a while, eh? 😉

Doodle ponies always take longer than expected, but I’m hoping to have him done in the next few days. The nice thing using pens is that I don’t have to be at the art desk to work on him!