And the Number of the Counting Shall Be Six

The tree has now eaten up so much room that I have moved my own response to the meme here: The Ectomeme!

UPDATE: Summary and easy to grab tagged lists are here: Insanity to the Power of Six

Go check out the 30 Hour and 60 hour awesome graphics made by Navimie over at The Daily Frostwolf! All the goodness of the insanity below, only in flowchart form!!

Elsewhere on the Interwebs

This tree is accurate as of 9:54pm EST 2/23/12… at which point I started hitting “Post Too Large” errors and was unable to update it. I think I’ve managed to win a few more lines back by moving my own post, but we shall see.

If they have a post, it’s linked. If not, the website is linked. Names in bold had already been tagged.

Gnomeaggedon started the whole mess by tagging

  • BigBearButt who tagged
  • NibsPugnacious Priest who tagged
  • AppleCiderMage who tagged
    • [3] Corgi Island
    • [3] Mythrai
    • [3] Jaedia who tagged
    • [3] Pradzha who didn’t tag anyone
    • [3] Tzufit who tagged
      • [3.5] Squelchy who tagged
        • [3.5.1] Daraia who tagged
          • [] Garona
          • [] Dinaer
          • [] Trocar
          • [] Kae who tagged
            • [] Beru
            • [] Lilpeanut
            • [] Lyrandre
            • [] Keredria
            • [] Dechion who didn’t tag anyone
            • [] Gladly and Manners
        • [3.5.1] Trocar
        • [3.5.1] Tikari
        • [3.5.1] Garona who tagged
        • [3.5.1] Dinaer
        • [3.5.1] Rep Grind
      • [3.5] Mace and Staff who tagged the world at large
      • [3.5] Magritte
      • [3.5] Bravetank
      • [3.5] Boozekin
      • [3.5] Manalicious
    • [3] Manalicious who tagged the world at large
  • Arioch who tagged
    • [4] Zarigar who tagged the world at large
    • [4] Morrigu who tagged
      • [4.2] Alquiel who tagged the world at large
      • [4.2] Ano
      • [4.2] Sephrenia who tagged the world at large
      • [4.2] Tanyanka who didn’t tag anyone
      • [4.2] River (NSFW) who tagged
        • [4.2.5] Scary
        • [4.2.5] Bossy
        • [4.2.5] Amber
        • [4.2.5] MMO Gamer Chick
        • [4.2.5] Keredria
        • [4.2.5] Koala
      • [4.2] Joe
    • [4] Dragonray who didn’t tag anyone
    • [4] Repgrind who tagged
      • [4.4] Lyssi who didn’t tag anyone
      • [4.4] Trout who didn’t tag anyone
      • [4.4] Analogue who tagged
        • [4.4.3] Bocat
        • [4.4.3] Slice
        • [4.4.3] Grom
      • [4.4] Bocat who didn’t tag anyone
      • [4.4] Grom who didn’t tag anyone
      • [4.4] Khizzara who tagged the world at large
    • [4] Leit who didn’t tag anyone
    • [4] Tyler who didn’t tag anyone
  • Cynwise ( who tagged
    • [5] Psynister
    • [5] Anexxia
    • [5] Flavor Text Lore
  • Windsoar who tagged
    • [6] Saz who tagged the world at large
    • [6] Angelya who tagged the world at large
    • [6] Riorel
    • [6] The Ancient One who tagged
      • [6.4] Mataoka
      • [6.4] Erinys
      • [6.4] Effraeti who tagged
        • [6.4.3] Aesadonna who tagged the world at large
        • [6.4.3] Draccus
        • [6.4.3] Bravetank who tagged
          • [] The Ancient One
          • [] Gladly and Manners who tagged
            • [] Edenvale
            • [] Kaezhol
            • [] Cold
            • [] Navimie
            • [] Rilandune
            • [] Cymre
          • [] Manalicious
          • [] Zinn
          • [] Issy
          • [] Danslate
        • [6.4.3] Karegina who tagged
          • [] Mia who tagged
            • [] Chatmay
            • [] Cymre
            • [] Oestrus
            • [] Typhoon Andrnew
            • [] World of Elfi who didn’t tag anyone
            • [] Boozekin
          • [] Glow who tagged
            • [] Voros who tagged
              • [] Rades
              • [] Rioriel
              • [] Wabbage
              • [] Akabeko
              • [] Manalicious
              • [] Pixiie
            • [] Kae
            • [] MissPixiie who didn’t tag anyone
            • [] Jasyla who tagged
              • [] Arolaide
              • [] Jacklalanne
              • [] Kaleri
              • [] Kurnmogh who tagged the world at large
              • [] Srsbusiness who tagged
                • [] Dev
                • [] Katarnas
                • [] Danslate
                • [] Beru
                • [] Oestrus
                • [] Fannon
              • [] Tikari
            • [] Melyanna who tagged
              • [] Alaron
              • [] Lissanna
              • [] Graylo
              • [] Erinys
            • [] Akabeko
          • [] Tzufit
          • [] Akabeko who tagged
            • [] Sizzle who tagged the world at large
            • [] Draccus
            • [] Girls Don’t Play WoW
            • [] Rush/Stormy
            • [] Tellervo (in Japanese) who tagged
              • [] No Abnormalities (in Japanese) who didn’t tag anyone
              • [] Xurge (in Japanese) who tagged
                • [] Dunder Mifflin (in Japanese)
                • [] Kawazu (in Japanese)
                • [] Nathrezim (in Japanese)
                • [] Kodsing (in Japanese)
              • [] A Little WoW (in Japanese) who tagged
                • [] Mitten (in Japanese)
                • [] Mabonco (in Japanese)
                • [] Beio (in Japanese)
                • [] Setu (in Japanese)
                • [] Tamino (in Japanese)
                • [] Marinia (in Japanese)
              • [] Pik (in Japanese)
              • [] Bokai WoW (in Japanese) who tagged
                • [] Yamato (in Japanese)
                • [] Umakara (in Japanese) who didn’t tag anyone
            • [] Jamin
          • [] Fannon
          • [] Katarnas
        • [6.4.3] Jamin
        • [6.4.3] Saz
      • [6.4] Cymre
      • [6.4] Solitudeone who tagged the world at large
      • [6.4] Euphyley
    • [6] Navimie who tagged
      • [6.5] Cymre who tagged
        • [6.5.1] Syrco who tagged
          • [] Saga who tagged
          • [] ShammyLove
          • [] Kamalia who tagged
            • [] Saxsy who tagged
              • [] Ani (NSFW)
              • [] Grimmtooth who tagged
                • [] Ratshag
                • [] Alas who didn’t tag anyone
                • [] Courtney Doodles
                • [] Nymphy and Orv who tagged
                  • [] Rades
                  • [] Oestrus
                  • [] Aldous
                  • [] Ophelie
                  • [] Ceraphus
                  • [] Cynwise (greentintedgoggles)
                  • [] Cynwise (cynwise.posterous)
                  • [] Cynwise (sparkbinder.posterous)
                  • [] Cynwise (gomogyourself)
                  • [] Cynwise (cynwulf)
                • [] Liala
                • [] Imraith dos Santos who tagged
                  • [] Manalicious
                  • [] The Mental Shaman
                  • [] Psynister who tagged the world at large
                  • [] The Ancient One
                  • [] BigBearButt
                  • [] Gnomeaggedon who brings the meme full circle!
              • [] Akabeko
              • [] Vidyala
              • [] Snack
              • [] Jaedia
            • [] Ironyca
            • [] Saz
            • [] Miri
            • [] Me! 😀 who tagged
            • [] Chatmay who tagged
              • [] Nightvyxen who tagged
                • [] World of Whoa
                • [] Permanently Lost
                • [] A Tyrian Odyssey
                • [] Hunter’s Insight
                • [] MMO Gamer Chick
                • [] Conjure Phantasm
              • [] Bladez who didn’t tag anyone
              • [] Sunnier
              • [] Navimie
              • [] Jasyla
              • [] It’s For My RP Spec!
            • [] N’jessi
          • [] MiniMorvel
          • [] Jamin
          • [] Bulidar who tagged
            • [] Miri
            • [] Beru
            • [] Lizzia who tagged
              • [] Rades
              • [] Deedle who didn’t tag anyone
              • [] Snack who didn’t tag anyone
              • [] Ara
              • [] Ice
              • [] Apple Cider
            • [] Saz
            • [] Effraeti
            • [] Fay
          • [6.5.1] Vidyala
          • [6.5.1] Pando
          • [6.5.1] Liala
          • [6.5.1] Kaleri who didn’t tag anyone
          • [6.5.1] Poneria who tagged
            • [] Aesadonna
            • [] Amowrath
            • [] Lissanna
            • [] Juvenate
            • [] Malchome
            • [] Windsoar
      • [6.5] Effraeti
      • [6.5] Fannon who tagged
        • [6.5.3] Mylindara
        • [6.5.3] Gneisha
        • [6.5.3] Nymphy
        • [6.5.3] Voros
        • [6.5.3] Corath who tagged
        • [6.5.3] Aidrana who tagged
          • [] Vidyala
          • [] Amerpriest
          • [] Beru
          • [] Draccus
          • [] Gladly
          • [] Lufitoom
      • [6.5] Euphyley who tagged
        • [6.5.4] Dreämy who tagged
          • [] Jim
          • [] Gina
          • [] Aldous
          • [] Deedle
          • [] Shoryl who tagged
            • [] Alto
            • [] Beru
            • [] Zinn
            • [] Bauxite
            • [] Morrigu
            • [] Glea
          • [] Amerpriest
        • [6.5.4] Fay who tagged
          • [] @Classyheals
          • [] @Shadesofkae
          • [] @Powerwordgold
          • [] @Drunkgardregalia
          • [] @Wugglez
          • [] @ProbablyAero
        • [6.5.4] Lilpeanut who tagged
        • [6.5.4] Akabeko
        • [6.5.4] Vuuk who didn’t tag anyone
        • [6.5.4] Somnar
      • [6.5] The Godmother who tagged
      • [6.5] Aralosseien who tagged
        • [6.5.6] Amerence
        • [6.5.6] Saga
        • [6.5.6] Golden
        • [6.5.6] Miri who tagged
          • [] Deedle
          • [] Boozekin
          • [] Rades
          • [] Vidyala
          • [] Dreämy
          • [] Jadissa
          • [6.5.6] Gina
        • [6.5.6] Akabeko
    • [6] Erinys who tagged

People ‘Outside’ the Tree

There are some folks who wanted to play, but hadn’t gotten directly tagged. I’m listing them here as I find them… but if you want to be added, just drop me a comment below! 🙂

  1. Kahiaau
  2. WoW Insider <3!

Martha Bechtel

My name is Martha Bechtel and I write fantasy and science fiction stories, paint small model horses silly colors, cast resin and plaster magnets, code random code (and Wordpress plugins)... Come on in and join in the fun!

This Post Has 83 Comments

  1. Effraeti

    How cool! What a great Six Degrees Tree! It is so great to see all the bloggers who participated all in one place!

    And love the pics! 😀

    I will be sure to check back later.

    ~ Effy

    1. Martha Bechtel

      I’m having way too much fun building that thing. I may chicken out and just use that as my ‘tag’ list, but I’m hoping there are a few folks still untagged by the time I get home! ^_~;;

  2. Gnomeaggedon

    Nice screenshots… but WOW nice Meme tree… Way better than my 1/2 arsed list of participants!

    1. Martha Bechtel

      This is what you get when you cross an Accounting brain with a CompSci brain—a fondness for nested trees and audit trails! 😉 heh

      Plus it’s a great excuse to see how far the meme has spread and meet lots of new folks along the way! 😀

      1. Effraeti

        Absolutely! I love meeting new Bloggers! 🙂

        ~ Effy

  3. Morrigu

    Wow… That’s an impressive meme tree there! You must have amazing patience!

    And Yay, Kitty

  4. Arioch

    Very impressive tree! Now we can see who the slackers are.

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Just keep in mind that it’s still in progress! 😉

      I’ve been updating it sporadically whilst the databases are number-crunching, but I should be able to make a better pass once I get home. *puts on spelunking hat*

      I’m guessing we’ll get at least ten forks deep before I give up from eyestrain… lol

  5. Kamalia

    That’s a nice selection of pictures! I love the itty bitty rainbow polka dot mule 😀

    I tried to tag people that hadn’t already been caught, but I guess I hadn’t been over to Windsoar’s post to see that she’d already tagged Saz when I made my post.

    1. Martha Bechtel

      There’s a whole bunch of folks who were tagged multiple times– Saz is just really popular for some reason. *grin*

      And I love those micro minis! The person who sculpts them is retiring some of the molds which made me run out and take a groups shot so I knew what I had… now I need more teeny tiny rearing Shetland ponies! Hehehe

  6. Tome of the Ancient

    That is the best tree ever! I love the horse pic, like the one rolling on the ground, maybe an itchy backed horse.

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Itchy horse is one of my favorites– I just can’t decide what color to paint it! 😀

      And love data trees and putting things into proper order, so this whole event is making my left brain a very happy place to be. lol

      Now if I can just convince it to keep going when it comes to rewriting my shadow priest macros… *crosses fingers*

  7. Cym (@Cymre)


    I was hoping someone would actually build a tree of this 😀 BTW, Bubbles of Mischief who you have at 6. 4. 4. is me. I was double tagged by Navimie first at 6. 5. 1.

    Let the Pingbacks begin 😛

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Fixed! 😀 I figured I’d have a bunch to clean up as I went– but I’m almost tempted to write up a scorecard of the ‘top tagged’ folks. *grin*

      Now I’m just hoping there’s someone left to tag when I’m done! 😉

      1. Cym (@Cymre)

        LOL, the ‘top tagged’ list would be good to see too. I can hear the running commentary now in my head… Effraeti is in the lead with 3 tags, closing in on her is Cymre with another 3 tags 😛

  8. Navimie

    Martha, if I knew you had made this I would have not wasted my time making my silly drawing. This looks great!

    1. Martha Bechtel

      That drawing is awesome! 😀 (Life is always better with flowcharts)

      I’ll go drop a link in to it at the top so folks know there is a more visual-friendly version of the chaos! lol

      Have to say… I’m having a lot of fun building the tree– if I can only catch it up before people start tagging again tomorrow! 😉

      1. Gnomeaggedon

        Both are awesome in their same right.

        The tree is great as it aids in tracking who is participating (and why), whereas the chart gives the real impression of the chaos that is occuring.

  9. Syrco

    Haha, I love the list you added there on the bottom! Is that really all? :O Oh my god.. The world is too small, or we need more bloggers! But it’s great to see that so many have been tagged 😀

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Apparently we need moar bloggers! Heh (Then again, to be fair, the further down the tree you go the more people know each other)

      I’m just having a blast finding all the new blogs– been meaning to pad out my blogroll and this was an awesome opportunity! 😀

  10. Khizzara

    Wow, awesome blogging tree! And thanks for noticing me. 😀

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Thanks! 😀

      And the whole point of memes is to share the linklove, no? *grin* I’m finding so many new people to read it’s crazy! 🙂

  11. Cynwise

    Mine is up – I tagged Psynister, Anexxia, and the Flavor Text Lore crew. 🙂

    This is a great list!

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Huzzah! I’ll add you on when I do the evening run-through! 😀 (I saw a few new posts come in this morning, I just didn’t have a chance to do a run-through before work.)

      I think I’m going to have to throw in the towel come Wednesday if it’s still running… Ten tags deep is my ‘I wonder where this will go’ curiosity limit. 😉

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  13. Chatmay

    I think I was tagged by Kamalia too. I have tried explaining what happened with me, but I will have to do a post on this since everyone keeps tagging me! ha ha

  14. Pingback: … and on the seventh day… « Armaggedon's coming!

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Linkification, thou can haz! 😀

      (WordPress refuses to let me use ‘Updated’ more than once as a comment, so I’m getting creative… *shifty eyes*)

  15. logtar (@logtar)

    I am sooo soo late 🙂 but I should have it up this week 🙂

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  17. Gnomeaggedon

    Grats on your WoWInsider linkage

    1. Martha Bechtel

      ‘Tis madness! My poor visitors log will probably never spike this high again… heh 😉

      *enjoys it while she can* Excelsior!

  18. Navimie

    Grats on being the saner of the two of us Martha! Grats on the WoWInsider link!

    1. Martha Bechtel

      I’m a bit in shock still– I get sick for two days and the whole internet comes to visit! ^_~;;

      *scurries about trying to get the tree back up to date*

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Updated! And I am so glad you didn’t tag anyone, I’ve run out of horizontal room! ^_~;;

      And next time you do a meme like this, let me know so I can put ‘don’t get sick’ on my calendar… heh 😉

      1. Gnomeaggedon

        Would you believe me if I gave you warning anyway?

        Congratulations on the attention, you and Nav both deserve it & a little bit more for your efforts.

        Remember you new to somehow squeeze WoWInsider into this chart, Anne did provide her Sixth after all.

        Life should be back to normal tomorrow, or the day after, meanwhile, thanks on behalf of all the wow bloggers/participants.

        … and of course, get well!

        1. Martha Bechtel

          I would after this! 😀 lol

          And the 60-hour flowchart is downright awesome… O_O

          I’ve hit a couple ‘tagless’ posts, so I’m starting a whole new section, although I’m tempted to put WoW Insider in its own category. *putters about updating what she can from work*

          This has been a lot of fun and a great way to find new blogs to follow– plus now I’ll always have that traffic spike to reminisce on! 😉

          1. Gnomeaggedon

            I guess it could be suggested that I tagged WoWInsider, who in turn tagged the 3 of us, which in turn added a new layer of insanity.

            1. Navimie

              Oh my… the thought of THAT on the chart has just really made me feel like I’ve been in Yogg’s brain too long and there were no lights…

  19. Toriah the Mom

    That is some major dedication and information compiling. Consider my head spinning.

    Also, hello everyone! My blog list just got a LOT longer 😀

    1. Martha Bechtel

      I’m doing a sum-up post for tomorrow with a master list of all the blogs for those folks who want an easy cut ‘n paste for their blogrolls! 😀

  20. JD Kenada

    Godmother should be updated as she tagged me in (I believe) the original 30 hours, along with others, and I know I tagged a half dozen others (one of whom found out via today’s WoWInsider article, lol).

    1. Martha Bechtel

      I have Godmother on my list, I just can’t access her blog from work so she’s on my To-do List for tonight. 🙂

      1. JD Kenada

        Ah, gotcha. I just looked at the post date and not the details, so was trying to be helpful. 😀

        Awesome job by the way!

        1. Martha Bechtel

          Not a problemo, I can use all the help I can get! 😀 Heh (That’ll teach me to start on a project before running the math on how big it’s likely to get… ;))

  21. Amerpriest

    hmm very interesting community meme going on here, my absence really missing a lot these days. nobody tagged me yet since probably because they thought i am inactive for a while now. but im still active in blog azeroth. I would gladly join this…

    1. Martha Bechtel

      You’ve been tagged three times already! 😀 (I was going to tag you again when it was my turn but you’d already been nabbed. ^_^)

      6.[] Amerence
      6.[] Amerpriest
      1.[6.5.6] Amerence

      Come play! 😀

    2. Navimie

      Amerence you’ve been tagged quite a few times!

  22. dragonray

    Ok, I feel slack now, but I swear – every single person I had listed to tag – had already been tagged – I can’t remember who it was, but I went to their website to confirm the situation and they mentioned it was their third or something….

    Contemplating going back and tagging people now just for the heck of it….or maybe if someone could tag me again… *hint* *hint* hehhehe

    I feel awful now!! I am a slack blogger!!!


    1. Martha Bechtel

      *grin* That was the whole reason I started the tree– I couldn’t think of who I knew who hadn’t been tagged! 😉

      Of course now my blogroll is exponentially larger, so hopefully next time I can jump into the fray a bit quicker… *crosses fingers*

      And if you want to keep tagging, have at it! … I just can make the post any bigger ’cause WordPress is throwing hissy fits and I haven’t found the workaround for it yet. :p

      1. dragonray

        Yeah I am slowly working my way through all the blogs listed here actually to see who I can add…I have to weed out the hunters you see 😀

  23. Vidyala

    Hoo boy, what you are doing here is pretty amazing! You must have an extremely systematic and methodical mind. I love it. BTW, Manalicious is = Vidyala is = Manalicious is me. I’m listed there under both I guess, haha. Tag all the things…! ;D

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Tag all the things?? 🙁

      Actually I had a blast building the tree, my CompSci/Accounting brain loves putting things into logical order (sort of like Legos!) and it was fun to watch the darned thing grow… 😀

      And I’ll get your name cleaned up in a sec—there are a few folks who are in there under multiple names since I was focused on matching the domains and not the handles. I’m putting together a massive ‘who’s who’ list for later today so it’ll be a good chance to clean things up.

  24. Vidyala

    Haha! No, although I think if anyone was going to tag all the things it would be you!

  25. Golden

    I’ve completed the meme and I’ve tagged people now ^^

    1. Martha Bechtel

      I’ve hit the size limit for WordPress so I can’t add anyone else to the tree, but I’m pondering the idea of splitting it out into subtrees… Just gimme a week or so to recover from this last go-round. 😉

  26. redcow

    Fantastic! I just found this through WoW Insider. Thanks for doing all the linkwork! In some places you have me listed as Akabeko and others as Akaeka; for the record, it’s Akabeko! 🙂

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  29. HayFayFay

    Holy cow this list has EXPLODED since I last looked here.

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Scary bit is that it’s even bigger now… but WordPress won’t let me add lines to the post. ^_^;;

      I’m tempted to come back the 10th and split it into smaller parts so I can see how far it unravels… Mwahaha! 😀

  30. Morynne

    Nice list! Thanks for putting this together!

    1. Martha Bechtel

      It was a lot of fun! 😀 Plus I have a whole new list of bloggers to follower, so it was a win-win on my end… *grin*

  31. Aidrana

    A little late to the party, but I noticed a trackback to my meme and it led me here. I’m astounded by how far the meme has gone, I had no idea that it would turn into an epidemic. This is great to see! Good work 🙂

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Whoops, sorry I missed your comment! The meme was crazy fun to track, sort of like watching frost fractal up a window pane. I’m sort of scared to see how big the Noblegarden event gets this year! ^_~;;

  32. Matty

    Oh, how embarrassing — I am the broken branch with the termites. Not tagging was unintentional. Hope there wasn’t a nest of baby robins that got hurt in the fray!

    Great, and intriguing post, by the by

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Now worries! There are lots of folks who missed the meme as it whizzed by and lots more who have posted that didn’t make it onto the tree—Wordpress got nineteen kinds of grumpy and wouldn’t let me update it anymore.

      I’m still considering going back and doing one last run through… it’s a lot of fun to see how it grew (and how it hopped fandoms!). 🙂

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