Saturday Story Prompts [2012.01.21]

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1. Behind the trembling twig-like fingers hid a face unlike any she’d seen before.

2. Normally shelter came first, then fire, then food—but they’d settled for two out of three for one too many days and even the strongest of them was starting to fade. She’d get in trouble for using her magic, but meat was more important than acceptance.

3. The unfamiliar desert air is dry and cold, and after a lengthy debate the siege force of giant salamanders is split off from the army and sent south to find another entryway.

4. ‘Not far’ is an arbitrary thing, some folks mean minutes and others mean days, and she’s learned not to depend upon anything that doesn’t come with GPS coordinates.

5. “There’s nothing extraordinary about them, save their color.” He said dismissively. “We’re breeding for fleet minds, strong bodies—- not good luck charms. These are war dogs not house pets, try and remember that next time.”


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Behind the trembling twig-like fingers hid a face unlike any she’d seen before. Saturday Story Prompt. January 21, 2012
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