Expanding My Etsy Store

I really haven’t done much with the Etsy store since the first— for the most part it’s been a placeholder until I can finally get some products uploaded, which I hope to do this weekend.

The basic rule on Etsy is that you can sell finished crafts, crafting supplies, and vintage items (things over 20 years old). Oddly enough, I have stuff that will fit in all of those categories, so it’s time I started taking advantage of that. (more…)

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Live From The Workbench

Live From the Workbench 01-19-2012

Finally a horse is done! *pats Poptop fondly*

Now if I could just get his tablemates to follow his lead…

To be fair, Money to Burn is almost done with her touchups, Suicide Kings is just waiting on me to fix his whites, and D’Lembrança is down to a tail and details.

It’s just Feuer Tanzer that’s holding up the works– darn you lousing packing skills of 2005! (more…)

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Calculating Model Horse Body Costs

Because I use project costing to calculate COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) for the model horse customs, my micro-business is responsible for keeping track of the cost of the individual finished and average unfinished inventory costs.

Now that my first ‘body order’ has come in, it’s on to the fun part of breaking out how much of the invoice total is associated with each of the model horse bodies. For molds that have multiple base costs, I average them together instead of going through the headache of labeling each body. (more…)

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Read more about the article This Old Website (or: DIY for WordPress Themes)
The Editing Chainsaw

This Old Website (or: DIY for WordPress Themes)


I think it’s time to break out the theme chainsaw and start doing some renovations. *pokes website*

Right now I’m running a modified/tweaked version 2.4.2 of the Mystique Theme written by digitalnature. This is an older version, but I’m reluctant to upgrade because the theme was completely rebuilt and I’d have to start over from scratch.

Assuming the time I’ve spent tweaking Mystique so far is a sunk cost, I’m faced with either retracing my steps with Mystique or starting from scratch. Since there are a lot of things that Mystique does that I don’t need (or want) it to do— I’m going with scratch(ish). (more…)

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January Stablemate Body Replacement Costs

Even though I am tracking the average costs of each model horse body that I buy (details to follow) I use the Replacement Cost to calculate the body costs for custom orders and for bringing in stock from my own personal collection.

Replacement costs are calculated from what it would cost me to buy a specific mold at retail (market value). Since I use these to figure out the ‘body cost’ portion of each sales listing, I will be updating these at the end of each month in order to keep the prices current. (more…)

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