Looking Back at 2011’s Grand Plans™

Learning From My Mistakes

This is the smallest of the yearly updates, but probably the most impactful in terms of what’s planned for 2012.

Sure, the three NaNo’s, fifty-two horses, and 366 miles aren’t to be sneezed at, but starting the small business again will make a much larger (and longer lasting) impact on my day-to-day life.

This year there will be more informational posts, based on my own learning curve. I’ll be covering things as I hit them, but I’ll also be revisiting topics as I learn more or change my stance. Businesses are meant to be fluid things and buyers are a fickle breed!

But enough of what’s to come… how went 2011?

Year in Review

There were enough months without posts that I’m just going to skip over them. I can only write ‘I wish I had done a bit more’ so many ways…


Starting to sit down and really plan things out. Hmm, suppose I should actually post my business plan at some point.

Hacking My Business Plan
Name Recognition (or: Finding Your Tribe)
Selling Serial Stories


Going over what didn’t work last time and some pricing (not sure I’m going to charge for serial stories this year at all, but the foundation is sound).

20/20 Hindsight (or: What I’m Doing Right This Time)
The Power of a PO Box
Serial Story Pricing


Picking a selling location is sometimes just as important as choosing what to sell.

Moving from eBay to Etsy
Of Horses and Words


Planning SMART plans is harder than it looks. 😛

18 Weekends and Counting
Stocking the Shelves
Quarters For College (or: Income Goals for 2012)


And so begins the National Novel Wiriting Month post drought. *sighs*

The First 42


The month of PayPal’s Regretsy FAIL and lots and lots of paperwork…

Why I’m Using Amazon Payments Instead Of PayPal
FEIN, Form R-1, BPOL and Other Grand Adventures

And now onwards! 😀

Martha Bechtel

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