Live From The Workbench

Live From the Workbench 01-04-2012

The new year has begun and now it’s time to start getting some of these horses out of the body box and onto the shelves!

The brave five in the pic are this week’s ‘volunteers’ to go under the brush.

And if all goes well all of them will be on Etsy before the next Workbench update rolls around. *crosses fingers*

On The Table

G2 Saddlebred : Money To Burn — needs touchups, was going to list her until I found a few pin rubs that need fixing (doh!)

G2 Pacer/Standardbred : Feuer-Tänzer — same as Money, only I knew there were rubs. Sighs.

G2 Paso Fino : Had started to be prepped, but I need to check for damage. Not sure what color yet, will have to poke around and see what I’ve already done with this mold.

G2 Shetland Pony : Has been basecoated and was intended to be a minimal tobiano and true black. Will check for damage and them begin pastelling if things are good to go.

G3 Rearing Andalusian : Is actually in pretty good shape. Pastel basecoating is 90% done, just need to check for damage and then go in and add the sabino markings. Meant to be a Mustang/Andy cross, or possibly a generic Spanish Mustang (depending on sabino markers within that group).


Money and Dancer should be easy to fix and will post to Etsy sometime later this week. The Andy and the Pony will probably come next, depending on how complex a color I end up putting on the Paso. I’m hoping to have them all done by the end of Sunday, but we’ll she how she rolls.

I’m going to be carefully logging my working time on all five horses, which is something I’ve never done before. It will be interesting to see if it takes me as much time as I think it does for the various stages of customizing!

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