Live From The Workbench

Live From the Workbench 01-24-12

Now that Poptop, Suicide Kings, Money to Burn, and D’Lembrança are off to Etsy, it’s time to restock the workbench.

Feuer Tanzer is still hanging on, but he’s the last of the origonal herd. I scooped up one more body from the old pile (blue warmblood) and everyone else is from January’s body order.

It will be so much fun to start working with more of the G3s! *grin*

Feuer TanzerG2 StandardbredFantasy Red-OrangePrepping for repair
UnnamedG3 WarmbloodFantasy Blue-bayBasecoat repair
UnnamedG3 WarmbloodBay TobianoPrepping
UnnamedG3 BelgianFlaxen ChestnutPrepping
UnnamedG3 MustangBlack Roan SabinoPrepping

Sharp eyes will spot that the date on this guy is from the last Live From the Workbench– because I haven’t touched him since. I was concentrating on getting the others done and, erm, ran out of time. *sheepish grin* I’ll do better this week, I promise! ^_~;;    

This little guy was another WiP from the old body box. I’m going to try and finish one of these guys a week and he was the next ‘easiest’ after Suicide Kings. Right now I’m thinking just a basic blue-bay, but I may spice him up with a smidge of chrome (or silver).  

This guy is going to be a nice bold bay tobi, roughly 50/50 on pattern coverage I think, but I have to wander the internet a bit more until I find more inspiring photos. Thankfully the world has an overabundance of sporthorses, so it should be easy to track one down. *grin*  

There aren’t that many colors that Belgians come in and I haven’t done a ‘real’ flaxen chestnut since Main Street Bubba. I’d like to give the color another shot now that I have the pastels to play with.

One of these guys is going to end up a dapple gray… but I’m not quite that brave yet! *grin*   I was soooo tempted to

do another fantasy horse, but I’m trying to be good and have a wide variety of horses in the store. So I’m going to break out the paintbrush and do a nice splatterroan. I have some great ideas for how to combine the splatterpaint and normal acrylics and pastels into one giant conglomerate of pattern– will be fun to see if it works! 😀

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