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Live From the Workbench 01-19-2012

Finally a horse is done! *pats Poptop fondly*

Now if I could just get his tablemates to follow his lead…

To be fair, Money to Burn is almost done with her touchups, Suicide Kings is just waiting on me to fix his whites, and D’Lembrança is down to a tail and details.

It’s just Feuer Tanzer that’s holding up the works– darn you lousing packing skills of 2005!

Name Mold Color Status
Money To Burn G2 Saddlebred Fantasy Red Buckskin Detailing
Feuer Tanzer G2 Standardbred Fantasy Red-Orange Prepping for repair
Poptop G2 Shetland Pony Black-bay Done!
D’Lembrança G2 Paso Fino Bay Body Color
Suicide Kings G3 Andalusian Minimal Splash Overo Liver Chestnut Detailing
She’s had a new overcoat of pastels, which unfortunately messed up her ribbons. So now she’s picking up some nice green threads and then it’s off for a final reseal and regloss of her eyes and hooves. Should be done this week if things go well!
Poor Tanzer– the more I work on him, the more problems I find! *sighs* I think I have all the bad seams tracked down, now I just have to prep and sand the bad areas so that I can repaint them. That’ll teach me to be more careful with them when they get packed! Arg.
Done!! 😀 Now he just needs some good photos and it’s off to Etsy. I’ll post to the Facebook page and to MH$P when he’s up, so keep and eye out here and there for news!
This little gal has turned into wither a golden bay or a dark buckskin, I’m honestly not sure which. Definately not the red bay I was hoping for when I started, but I’ve learned never to argue with a model… Need to finish off the shadings, then some detailsing and she’s done!
I had done the hooves with more detail, but they looked wrong next to the pastels so I went back over to match the mediums– which meant I now have to touch-up his whites. Again. *sighs* He should be off to Etsy this weekend as well, so keep yer eyes peeled! *grin*

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