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Live From the Workbench 01-12-2012

This update is a bit belated, but I’m still getting used to the concept of painting/pasteling on a regular basis again. *stretches out her art muscles*

I’m keeping things to once a week posts on the blog, but I’m going to try and get daily update photos posted over on the Facebook page. Things will be a bit sporadic to start, but by the end of the year it should be a consistent habit.

Anywho, out of the batch of five horses from last week, every single one of them is still on the bench. Thankfully there has been actual progress on all of them, even if I didn’t get them 100%.

Money To BurnG2 SaddlebredFantasy Red BuckskinBody Color
Feuer TanzerG2 StandardbredFantasy Red-OrangePrepping for repair
PoptopG2 Shetland PonyBlack-bayDetailing
D’LembrançaG2 Paso FinoBayBody Color
Suicide KingsG3 AndalusianMinimal Splash Overo Liver ChestnutDetailing
Money To Burn 01-12-2012
Money To Burn

I was just going to fix the rubs on Money when it occurred to me that I should just take the time to bring her up to current standards. So I’m going back in and fixing the blending on her legs as well as toning down the reverse dappling. Huzzah for fantasy colored pastels!

Feuer Tanzer 01-12-2012
Feuer Tänzer

Same deal with Tanzer, instead of just fixing the rubs I’m going back in and fixing as many of the problems I can find. Right now that just means giving him a lot more rubs than he started with…

Poptop 01-13-2012

EDIT: Got better photos! I had to really wash out the photo on this little guy to show that he’s not solid black—which is a good thing! I’m done with the body color at this point, now he just needs eyes and hooves and I have to decide if he’s going to get any chrome… I’m sort of tempted to leave him be. *pokes model*

Bay Paso Fino 01-12-2012
Bay Paso Fino

Still a long way to go on the base color (as you can tell). I normally start with a acrylic basecoat closer to the final color, but I was experimenting some this time around. Still need to bring her back from the overly-orange tinge, but once the black is down it should help to tone things down.

Liver Chestnut Andalusian 01-12-2012
Liver Chestnut Andalusian

Another one that was overexposed to bring out the shadings—he just needs his eyes, his hooves, some touch-up to the markings and he’s done (well, and a tail!). I’m hoping to get him finished up tonight, but I have this ability to go on wild tangents so I’m not betting the farm on it. ^_~;;

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