Expanding My Etsy Store

I really haven’t done much with the Etsy store since the first— for the most part it’s been a placeholder until I can finally get some products uploaded, which I hope to do this weekend.

The basic rule on Etsy is that you can sell finished crafts, crafting supplies, and vintage items (things over 20 years old). Oddly enough, I have stuff that will fit in all of those categories, so it’s time I started taking advantage of that.

Finished Crafts

I have more than just model horses that will fit in this category. I’ve got a bunch of model props (including the new fences from the Mini Whinnies set) as well as some scenic bases that I used for photos shows and display. I need to just empty out the art bins, take some photos and get them uploaded.

Rough Draft Categories: Realistic Model Horses, Fantasy Model Horses, Model Horse Tack, Model Horse Props, Model Horse Display Bases

Crafting Supplies

It should come as no surprise that I have a LOT of these. Everything from tack making to prop making to prepped stablemate bodies meant for my ‘paint your own horse’ kits. Although Breyer seems to be doing a horrible job with their own kits, I think it might be worth it to throw one together to test the waters—I think their problem is a quality issue not an idea issue. *pokes supplies*

Rough Draft Categories: Prepped Model Horses, Model Horse Painting Kits, Model Horse Prop Kits, Model Horse Tack Kits, Model Horse Base Kits, Model Horse Prop Blueprints, Model Horse Track Blueprints

Vintage/Over 20 Years Old

20 years ago was 1992, which makes me feel horribly old… but it also makes all of the Breyer catalogs and hobby magazines that I have on hand perfect fits for this category! I just need to sit down and scan them all in (and start figuring out what I’m missing so that I can fill in the gaps for my own collection).

Rough Draft Categories: Breyer Model Horse Catalogs, Just About Horses Magazine, The Hobby Horse News, etc.

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