Dual-boxing Priests : Levels 17 to 18

Tall Scenery Silvermoon

Not a whole lot changes in these levels (just so you’re forewarned). In fact nothing much changes until level 28 when I get to pick up Devouring Plague, so I may end up lumping more levels together going forward. *pokes posts thoughtfully*

That’s the one bit that doesn’t change, no matter how many characters I’m playing– the grinding feeling kicks in around level 20 and never really leaves again.

All these 50% drop rates aren’t helping matters any. *mutter*

Current Keybinds

Nothing has changed here since last time, so same old, same old.

~m:Share Target
ALT ~m:Follow The Leader
2Mind FlayMind Flay
3Psychic Scream
ERenewPower Word: Shield
F1m:Heal Mem:Heal Them
F2m:Heal Themm:Heal Me
F3Power Word: FortitudePower Word: Fortitude
F4Inner FireInner Fire

Level 17

Talent Point: Into Darkness again (no surprise there). This is the last point for the first row which means come Level 19 I have new row to choose from.
Abilities: No change
Basic Strategy: No change.
Keybinds/Macros No change. I tried binding in Shadow Word: Pain in the macro rotation again, but it just tears through mana too quickly. I was hoping I could use it as a slow DoT that would finish off one mob while I pulled another, but it just took too long to kill anything.

Ghostlands had got to be the most boring leveling zone (outside of the Tauren starting area) and I am going to be so glad when I’m done with it!

Level 18

Abilities: Holy Fire (11% of base mana, 30 yd range, 2 sec cast, 10 sec cooldown, Consumes the enemy in Holy flames that cause 29 to 35 Holy damage and an additional 14 Holy damage over 7 sec.)
Basic Strategy: No change.
Macros/Keybinds: Hah! Now there’s a DoT I can use… *slots it into the KillIt macro as the second spell in the castsequence rotation* Sure the 10 second cooldown is going to be a bit annoying, but I can now kill things with two spells (well, okay four) and I’m a lazy soul.

Like I mentioned above, nothing much really happens during these two levels. I’m used to the new keybinds now, so I was able to start ramping the treadmill speeds back up towards 2mph. I know I’m not picking up any useful abilities for a while, so I’ll looking forward to picking up riding and setting up Power Auras Classic to better track my mana levels.

Fun times, fun times…

Scenery Long Dragonhawk Woods

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