Dual-boxing Priests : Levels 15 to 16

Not Working As Intended
Not Working As Intended

I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of questing done on Illysu and Illysa since last post (although the Tauren mask won’t go away), but I’m trying to keep things to two levels a post for sanity’s sake.

I’m hoping to move to an every other week posting with these two, but time shall tell. Resting XP is the best XP! *solemn nod*

The end of the leveling zone is at hand and it’s time for my little gals to wander out into the wide world of Things What Eat Priests(tm). Hopefully it will be less traumatic than it was with dual-Mages, but we shall see…

Current Keybinds

I’ve been spoiled by my push-button hunter pair and when I tried to slip back into my shadow priests, it was a bit of a stumble. So, time to make these guys as easy to play! *breaks out the macros*

I’ve rearranged the UI to match the new keybinding layout, which helps my brain a bit. I’m trying to train myself to use the Alt key and that’s caused a bit of a backslide in terms of reaction speed.

~m:Share Target
ALT ~m:Follow The Leader
2Mind FlayMind Flay
3Psychic Scream
ERenewPower Word: Shield
F1m:Heal Mem:Heal Them
F2m:Heal Themm:Heal Me
F3Power Word: FortitudePower Word: Fortitude
F4Inner FireInner Fire

Note: Even though I’m keeping the share target macro for now, I did add in an /assist to the Killit macro for Illysa, just because I’m lazy.

Level 15

Level 15
New Talent Point - Level 15
Dungeon Finder - Level 15

Talent Point: Into Darkness again (no surprise there).
Abilities: No change
Basic Strategy: No change.
Keybinds/Macros No change.

I did ponder for a moment about taking my guys into the Dungeon Finder as DPS, but I haven’t really been in dungeons since Cata dropped. I know they aren’t quite as ‘mash buttons, get loot’ as they used to be, but I’ve got no clue what’s changed.

Which is why Wowhead exists, but I think once I run a few on my hunters with friends then I might start running some with the priests.

Slow but steady… avoids getting flamed by PUGs. *sighs*

Level 16

Level 16
Heal - Level 16

Abilities: Heal (9% of base mana, 40 yd range, 3 sec cast, Heal your target for 83 to 95.)
Basic Strategy: No change.
Macros/Keybinds: No change.

Heal is nice, don’t get me wrong, but the last thing my play-style needs right now is a 3 second cast time. If I can’t heal my way out with a shield, two renews, and a flash heal then I’m probably graveyard bait anyway.

All in all, a pretty boring two levels, but it gave me time to adapt to the new key positions. I’m still tempted to try the superglue method of marking the number row, but for now I’ll give the new layout a try. *pokes keys*


Long Scenery - Illysa and Illysu

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